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She got it from her mama

She got it from her mama

Hi, welcome to This Wayfarer! My name is Heather and one of my favorite things to do is explore new destinations and go on new adventures. For awhile, I thought I just had an extreme case of wanderlust, then it hit me mid-bite during breakfast while visiting my family. I must get it from my mom.

I get my sense of adventure and love for traveling from my mom. She grew up in Taiwan (which is a whole other very interesting story that maybe I’ll share with you sometime). She and her friends (see further below) would always take trains and buses to different parts of the island to explore, hike, camp, you name it. She moved to the states when she was 26 for grad school and has continued her love of travel ever since.

For a long time it was just my mom and I. We didn’t have much, so buying plane tickets during the holiday season to visit family was a bit challenging. Instead, my mom and I would go to the local AAA and map out a road trip to see family. Yes, that is right, I said “AAA” and “maps”; I grew up in 90s so GoogleMaps and MapQuest were really neat ideas, but not yet realities.

I remember being so nervous that we would get lost and never find our way to my cousins’ house (or back home for that matter) that I would refuse to sleep in the car during our longer evening drives. I remember random stops in Alabama, waking to us crossing the Mississippi River, and eating beignets and sipping hot coco from Cafe du Monde. All these stops made me forget that we weren’t even at our final destination, which was often a less exciting Houston, Texas. I guess that was my mom’s way of teaching me that it’s not about the destination, but about the journey.

Now I’m grown up and live in the Bay Area while the rest of my family lives in SoCal. My mom’s favorite part of the weekend is having family brunch at home and everyone takes their section of the Sunday newspaper. She always takes the ‘Travel’ section and recounts to everyone at the table what she just read; more often than not, the featured destination is added to her mental list of places she wants to visit. When I’m not home, I often get a text messages of 5+ pictures to capture the entirety of an article that she just read.

So, this is where it all begins. My first post introducing you to the woman who inspires my travels and adventures – whether it be a quick weekend trip or a solo trip on the other side of the world. Here is where you can read about my travel experiences, food, planning tips and packing lists, and the occasional random thoughts.

Hope you enjoy and come back for more!

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